A must-win game that ended up with a dismaying performance by United players as they continued their poor form in the league.

Leicester City showed more intent than the Red Devils despite playing away from King Power Stadium and still managed to scrape a draw at Old Trafford.

There were instances where Rangnick’s men could have put the game to bed but it was looking like the players were not willing to put the effort into winning the game.

Three talking points from the Leicester City game

1. Players were clueless on the pitch

We are not surprised by the players’ ‘lack of identity,’ as many of the on-field personnel have previously demonstrated their flaws in the field.

Rangnick took this into account against Atletico Madrid, as his team appeared to be blanked out when in possession.

The same things happen to the foxes, particularly in the first 45 minutes, when they may have produced more opportunities.

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And United only came close to scoring when Fernandes missed his one-on-one opportunity that also came by a Leicester mistake.

These problems have grown week in week out not just the midfielder but also the defense who make the tempo slow from back to front.

A frustrating habit that has never stopped or been realized by the players or the coaches as they move the ball slow on the pitch.

Which gives more time for the opposition to get back in shape and cut the forward passes.

2. The squad is not good enough to compete at the highest level.

Since the last trophy which we won back in 2017(i.e Europa League) any of the United team since then hasn’t competed for a title let alone won it.

In that 5 year period, there have been two eras of Manchester United under the reign of Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The 20-time league winners did come second in the table under the above two mentioned coaches but we’re very far from winning it.

United are not where it is supposed to be after recruiting the likes of Sancho, Varane, and Ronaldo last summer and it has been well highlighted by some ex-players.

Nobody saw this coming until the whole squad was caught off guard by Liverpool, Leicester, and Man City when they embarrassed us.

However, it was not a shock to see United fail this season and underperform in such a manner having lost the trust of their fans since the start of 2022.

United have only won two out of their home games since the turn of the year out of 7 despite all their fixtures being against the mid-table sides.

And failing to beat a shaky Brendan Rogers side summed up their season as a complete disaster.

3. Rangnick is not the culprit for the results.

When people they a student should be held accountable for their wrongdoings in their tests it is 100 percent true, mostly in United’s case.

Though the Germans coach had an abundance of knowledge of the game, the incompetence of the players cost the league table.

Comparing the Leicester squad to the United squad the odds will well be on the cards by anyone who watches football.

When speaking to the media, Rangnick has been forthright, even stating facts about his opponent’s style of play.

There are even players who have been blessed by the guidance of the German manager, which indicates on what is the actual problem.

Every United fan’s eyes must have been opened after Saturday’s game as to who is to blame in the house.

Whether it’s a coaching issue or a board decision gone wrong, the players should always be expected to deliver on the field.

In the second half, the 63-year-old boss made some changes and moved players to their favored positions.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the managers, rather than the players, get the brunt of the responsibility.








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