A game with complete and utter shambolic intent and purpose by players for not even trying to stop the opposition from scoring.

Ralf Rangnick switched to a back five against Klopp’s world-class attackers but the inevitable was written in the stars.

The Anfield crowd took a mock at United first-teamers as they witnessed their team cruising over their bitter rivals by 4-0.

Last night’s game had a lot of highlights that were not even surprising nor an eye-opener for the Mancunians.

It would be very tiring to point out the player’s performances this season in a Manchester United shirt.

However, there are some harsh facts and reality of some players’ incapability, that had needed to be called out.

Here are the three things that we learned from the yesterday’s match

1. A majority of the squad players don’t deserve to play for this club

United lacks comradery amongst itself, which highlights the major issue between them right away.

Signing players like Ronaldo, Varane, and Sancho predicted that the Red Devils would go places this season.

But last season’s reality didn’t actually open many people’s eyes, as Solskjaer left the club in a worse position.

Manchester United may have finished 2nd in the season but the style of play and uncharacteristic approach left the Rangnick helpless.

Playing on the counter and not having a style of play was never ever going to make us win major titles.

This was clearly evidenced in the first half of this season, as the Devils were mid-table by the time the Norwegian left.

Rangnick’s joining as the interim manager never was going to stabilize the season and bring the best out of the players.

Still, United shouldn’t be under these circumstances in an important period of the season where they need to claim maximum points.

The above stats prove who is the culprit in the house and the main reason for United’s unveiling frailties.

Playing for a club with such rich history never entered into the current bunch of players’ minds.

And their weak mentality and poor attitude towards the club have brought the outcome of the season much worse.

2. Manchester United are at its lowest point

From bad owners to bad players the club and the stadium is started to rotten more than ever before.

Rangnick’s side have never been in a bad situation in the previous decades even when they were relegated back in the 1980s.

In a club where the major trophy is demanded by the supporters, the 20-time league winners didn’t come even closer to winning it post Fergie.

Even the chances of getting a place in the Europa League look unlikely as of now, let alone qualifying for the Champions League.

Which pinpoints where the blame needs to go after bad recruitments, bad appointments, and bad signings have occurred repeatedly.

Whether it’s the owner’s incompetence or the wrong spending, United fans are definitely been victimized by the toxic saga.

3. A reset/rebuild needs to be implemented as soon as possible

Erik Ten Hag is selected as a new permanent manager by the hierarchy and the Dutchman is the best possible hope to get back to winning.

We have witnessed how poor the unity is on the pitch between the players, with no idea and harmony when they are in possession.

Also, the lack of speed and physicality is also not visible in the majority of the senior players, as evidenced against Liverpool as well as in recent games.

A project that needs to be taken under serious consideration will need to fix tons of issues on and off the field.

Having downtools the club, most importantly the fans the trust have faded away completely and a whole revamping has to be put in place.










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