Carrick on Rooney and Lukaku transfers

Michael Carrick has spoken exclusively to MUTV on day one of Tour 2017, presented by Aon, to reflect on Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United departure and Romelu Lukaku’s arrival.

The 35-year-old midfielder is currently embarking on his 12th pre-season campaign with the Reds, yet that has not diminished his excitement and motivation. Scroll down to read his interview…

Is it the end of an era with Wayne Rooney no longer at the club?
“Obviously Wayne leaving the club is a big deal and he has been such a massive part of this club since he first set foot in it and since making his debut, an incredible debut. I am sad to see him go. I understand why he has gone and we all fully support him and wish him well because he has been an unbelievable servant to the club and has left a legacy that is incredible. We had some great times but everything comes to an end unfortunately. It is the end at Man United for Wayne. I am sure he will go on to have a successful end to his career, but he will certainly be missed by a lot of us here.”

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